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October 23 2017

October 17 2017

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I need more practice :v

October 15 2017

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I learned that I have a lot of fun drawing Skeletons.


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Screencaps from the PC-88 edition of Policenauts. A thing of beauty. Love a good neo-noir.

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October 13 2017

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I felt like drawing Titania Again.

October 12 2017

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October 11 2017

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October 10 2017

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Gotta give love to the rest of the crew too, right?

October 09 2017

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follow up to that other zelenin drawing.


October 08 2017

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Nozomi doesn’t want you to see her BJ face.

Drawing Blowjob Faces is HARD

More Nozomi

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its totally PIZZA yeah!

Man I love drawing food.

sorry m8s but I’m having some severe back pain since yesterday and I’m not gonna draw today because of that.

will try catching up on the next day as soon as the pain heals.

October 07 2017

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Made another larger barbarian girl, back when I was doing stuff with the barbarian/bronze age characters. Tried out a few things. 

Hair variant on the capture pic under the cutoff.

Continuar lendo

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its totally PIZZA yeah!

Man I love drawing food.

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Harvesting season

October 06 2017

October 05 2017

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turn the lights on you damn orc!

October 04 2017

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“Procreation is essential to morale and to ensure results.”

“I look forward to the successful completion of your mission.”

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