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May 23 2018

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dunno if you have noticed but i love celes v much

May 20 2018

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I dont even know what im doin anymore

April 20 2018

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April 11 2018

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April 10 2018

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a Celes warmup for today, I fucked up the perspective but i needed to practice it more.

April 05 2018

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Thank you for showing up, here’s a training i did, trying to look for new ways to shade and and what would fit my style more, also i’ve been playing a lot of FF6 lately.

Celes best girl, determined to look for her man

Picarto.TV - SolGoodguy's Channel

Gonna work on a comm, come chill out if you want.

March 31 2018

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The Kizumonogatari movies had some… very interesting scenes.
Very, veeery interesting scenes.
I’ve probably watched this one a thousand times.

March 25 2018

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for @nonochton

Love ya buddy

OOOOF! <3 thanks sb I love it!!

March 23 2018



Hey ! Sorry to trouble you guys. I recently reopened commissions in a limited window to help my moving expenses but I’ve run into a big issue. My car’s engine is completely shot, and the cost to replace it is gonna be a pretty penny. So! I’m reopening commissions with no limits this time. Here’s the info again!

ALSO: COLOURED LINEART is available for $50, with addition pricing similar to the regular lineart.
(All levels come with up to two characters at base value)


-NSFW + SFW comms are both welcome!
-NO: Scat, bestiality, guro, vomit, etc.
-I reserve the ability to cancel/refuse/refund any commission for any reason.

Contact me via DM (tumblr/twitter/pixiv) or send me an email at

I have a Patreon if you’d like to donate concurrently, also.

Again, sorry for dropping all of this out of nowhere. I’d greatly appreciate any help, reblogs or otherwise. I hope to hear from you soon! 

March 19 2018

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yoyo its dark magician girl :^)))

March 10 2018

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decided to not worry about the lines in this one.

March 09 2018


any chance some of oyu guys could recommend some new brushes for CSP?

I wanna experiment with new stuff.

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March 07 2018

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Patreon Reward #35 - Elaine.

Character belongs to SilenceSoLoud.

“Support me on Patreon.”
“My Redbubble Shop”

March 04 2018

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My character Navia!

February 27 2018

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February 23 2018

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February 22 2018

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Patreon Reward #33 - Mayor’s Receptionist.

The Mayor knows how to pick them.

“Support me on Patreon.”
“My Redbubble Shop”

February 21 2018

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Thanks for the suggestions

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