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February 18 2016

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Breeding Season is a cool game.

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finished the Cia set!
I like the expression on the last one

interested in more tablet orgies? Follow me on twitter, instagramm or facebook!

Holy carp!!!!!!!!!!!

February 17 2016

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some lewd stuff for this blog involving sam

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Commission for @hammerhead027

February 16 2016

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All’s Fair in Love and Anal Monthly Event

The winner’s pick: Galko Chan


had my little fill of the street fightans and played a few of the story mode before getting disconnected. Laura’s and Karin’s voices were really nice and on point

good stuff good stuff

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The lady with an AD face and a BC booty. 10,000 BC - an era of relaxing sunsets, massive Reptite slaughter, and unrestricted but risky treetop snoo snoo.

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I forgot to preload SFV

I’m dumb

February 15 2016

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a commission for a Ganguro Velma Dinkley enjoying a bunch of ghost dongs

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does anyone else remember when @natazilla made Flapjack anime?  cuz boy howdy i sure do

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happy late chocolate day nghi

I’m fine!

Turns out the worse of my sickness was that the meds for the cold ruined my stomach, mostly because I drink too much coffee. But I’ll be fine now. Just gotta take some medication for it to heal and lay off the coffee for a while.

I’ll be back at it soon! I already feel good enough to draw again.

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sketch dump

happy valentine’s

February 14 2016

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Hey everyone, I think I’m finally settled in for commission prices, and what I feel comfortable pricing for my level of skill. I’ve also learned my limits, what I can and can’t do, and how long it can take me. I will only accept payment for a commissions ONCE I start working on it, and provide a rough draft. This is to keep myself from procrastinating. Once a draft is settled, I’d prefer to be paid in full. I would also prefer if commissions are okay to be streamed AT that time, because this helps me complete them on the spot.

Prices & Options

Sprites $5~$20
Sketches ~$15 per character
Lineart ~$20
Color/Cellshade ~$25
First extra character +Half
NSFW + Half
For most commissions, the most I will charge is based on the numbers. For backgrounds and character design commissions, this would be something requiring further discussion. I can also add flat colors to sketches and linearts if wanted, for free.

If you would like to see even more examples of all of these, please check out my art blogs -
Arcart / Oldarcart

I am willing to draw almost all material within reason, but I mostly specialize in drawing characters! For anything I draw, I require references of said character(s).

As far as NSFW goes I will not draw gore/vore or extreme/disturbing fetishes (eg; Scat, diapers, extreme hyper) or illegal material (eg; underaged nsfw). Query with me ahead of time before offering to commission something of NSFW nature.

I can’t publicly provide my email address for commission requests, so please send me an ask OR USE THE MESSENGER (preferred) on tumblr to discuss further details, or ask questions. I will keep all questions private unless asked otherwise.


I only have 2 commissions on my plate at the moment, and due to some errors with payments I’m going to left BROKE unless something beautiful happens before MAGFEST in a few days, so I still need to earn as much money as possible.

Now I’m at 3 commissions, I can take more P:

One is almost done so that might as well be back to 2.

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Valentine’s day commission of Claudia taking a lewd selfie. (Not that this loser has anyone she’d send it to.)

Commissioned by Ace

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Mr. Steak’s Pin-Up Commission Info [PayPal Only]


Commission time!

I decided to take on the challenge of doing commissions again! If you enjoy my work, and there’s still slots available, send me an email with your Tumblr username so I know who you are, and which of the above options you’d like, and we’ll work it out from there! 

Generally, this is for single character, simple background pinups, but extra characters or backgrounds may be negotiable at additional cost. Pictures can be SFW or NSFW, but I do withhold the right to deny you a commission if it’s something I’m not comfortable doing, or that I don’t think I’m capable of. 

If you’re interested, please email me at mrsteakart@gmail.com with the necessary information. Have an idea ready!



February 13 2016

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